Elevated Dance Project's
Commitment to Excellence

Elevated Dance Project has been located in Eagle, Idaho for the past
twelve years. The main 5,000 square foot building contains several
amenities, including 3 large climate-controlled dance studios, all with
floating sprung floors, and tap-grade Marley surfaces (and some pretty
nice windows). The Annex studio is in a new spot, still a short one minute
walk to the building next door, and has 2 studio rooms, each with
sprung floors. We also provide full dressing rooms, a microwave,
refrigerator, drinking fountain, and an area to entertain young children as
parents watch or wait for their dancers to finish class. Come visit us today!
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Contact Information:
1396 E. Iron Eagle Drive, Suite 300
Eagle, Idaho  83616
email: kim@elevateddance.com
Location Map:
Click here for a map to the
Elevated Dance Studio.
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