Elevated Dance Project: Our Mission
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The mission of Elevated Dance Project is to provide quality dance education to
children and adults in a family-centered environment, and nurture emerging artists
in a way that develops technical ability, creative aptitude, leadership experience,
and promotes discovery of their self worth.
We believe there are infinite possibilities in each of us.

EDP is more than a dance studio. We are a family. Each person who walks through our doors should feel the love
of all of our teachers and staff. We are different. We teach life lessons through the art and discipline of dance.
And our vision is to change the world. As each student passes through our doors on a weekly basis, our goal is to
help strengthen their character, and send them home as better versions of themselves. As they continue to find
their strengths, and work on their weaknesses, they become more and more prepared to face the challenges that
will continually present themselves at every stage of their lives, and they will find their courage, their light, and
love for themselves and all those around them. They will learn to treat themselves and others with kindness, and
that kindness is needed more than ever in this world!

Our class sizes at EDP are small, but mighty! Small class sizes enable teachers to focus on each individual, so
that they will feel loved, welcomed, and supported. We don't want to be the biggest, just the best. Yes, your child
will learn to plie, cross ball change, shuffle hop step, step kick across the floor, pirouette and fouette, and get
really good at it. But through the dance steps they will find themselves, and just how truly awesome they are!

At EDP, it's not about being better than someone else, it's about being the best version of ourselves every day.
It's not about us versus them, it's about us AND them. Doing something we ALL love. Working hard, building
confidence, strength, stamina, learning responsibility, compassion, kindness, and encouraging everyone around
us to do the same. And right now we need more us AND them. It has always been about that. That's why we are
different. That's why we are special. How we treat each other matters. If we lost our ability to dance tomorrow, I
hope we could say "I learned that I am more than just my ability to dance - I am a good human being. I make a
difference whether I dance or not." But since we have been blessed with the gift of dance, and the MANY MANY
different lessons and blessings that come with it, our ability to be good people and to do good to others magnifies.
Dancers are special. We feel emotions deeply. And we have a responsibility to use those emotions wisely, and for
good! No jealousy, no spite, no pride, no malice, no envy. In the end, all that will matter is that we loved each
other the best we could, and taught others what we learned along the way.

We will continue to teach principles that will open understanding and compassion for one another, and help build
strong, adaptable, courageous, determined, enthusiastic, fair-minded, generous, independent, optimistic,
self-confident, self-disciplined, hard-working young men and women, with open hearts and minds, who can
change with world!!