Our Dear EDP Families, 
After reviewing the Governor's guidelines for re-opening businesses, we feel that we can safely have students back in our building
starting May 4th! We are excited to be with the kids again, but it will be different! We have structured protocols to keep your children
and their teachers safe :) Please discuss them with your children, and let us know if you have any questions! 
***Families with tiny students: please talk with them to help them understand that, sadly but necessarily, there is no touching or hugging
their teachers or friends yet. Also, please help us to reduce their need for frequent bathroom trips by limiting liquids prior to class if
possible, and by being available to take them to the bathroom if necessary. We know that they may still need to go no matter what ;-) 
Please make sure students have washed their hands before coming to class. 
For any of our families that are not ready for this next step, please let us know - we greatly respect your feelings, and will be able to Zoom
your class for you through May 15th! Kim will also be at the studio each day, and available when she is not teaching to help students and
teachers with any needs or questions. 
The class schedule for the next 2 weeks is different from what they were used to prior to the building closure. It is also slightly different than
the past 2 week's Zoom schedule. We’ve optimized the new schedule to have students in back to back classes, and reduce/eliminate wait
time in between classes. PLEASE STUDY IT! Let us know if you see any issues, or have questions!! :)
Our protocol is as follows:
1.     Sanitizing stations in each studio room, and at each front door
2.     Dance rooms and traffic areas will be sanitized before and after classes each day
3.     Students and teachers will sanitize hands before, during, and after each class
4.     Students and teachers will work to maintain 6 feet of distance. Dances will be altered, and measured tape marks added to the floor
5.     No one in the buildings except for students and teachers 
6.     Students will be supervised at all times by teachers and staff
7.     Frequently touched surfaces and, in some cases, floors will be sanitized between classes
8.     Classes will have a 5 minute passing period to allow for the above 2 protocols
9.     Each studio room has a separate door through which all students will enter and exit. As follows: 
       1.     Main Studio Small Room = main building front door
       2.     Main Studio Window Room = main building back window room door
       3.     Main Studio Ballet Room = main building back ballet room door
       4.     Annex Studio Upstairs Room = annex building front door
       5.     Annex Studio Downstairs Room = annex building back door
10.  Parking lots will be utilized for large classes. 
11.  All students will need to bring the following to their classes:
       1.     Long pants
       2.     extra long sleeve shirt or jacket 
       3.     tennis shoes and socks
       4.     water bottle - DRINKING FOUNTAIN WILL BE OFF LIMITS
       5.     hat or sunscreen
       7.     small bag they can take into each dance room with them - DRESSING ROOMS IN BOTH BUILDINGS ARE CLOSED
12.  Parking will be available on the street, in front of the annex, and on the opposite end of our building. Please do not park behind the
       buildings or in the main building parking lots, as we will be using these for dance space
13.  NO PHONE USE ALLOWED DURING CLASSES!! Except for emergencies, students will be required to keep phones in a bag as long
       as they are in class. Phones carry a lot of germs! 
14.  We are planning an in-studio recital for the week of May 18-22. Details to follow!
We are incredibly grateful for your love and support over the past several weeks. We are going through all this together. Some have had
challenges and overwhelming difficulties in addition to losing income - we are here for you, and we love you. Many of our students have
struggled with anxiety and a loss of motivation - we understand and wish we could hug you! We see your courage, sadness, worry,
determination, and are in awe of the way you encourage each other. We can’t wait to see you again in the studio!! It will be different, but
so wonderful to be united in the same space. We believe it is a magical place that brings strength and healing! 
Much love, 
Kim, Melissa, and staff

We are now CLI Studios partners! All EDP students have access to classes and videos on their website - it is truly a wonderful
augment to their training at EDP! The link is provided below. Access is included in an email sent out.
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