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Click on the following link to create a new account:
Online Registration

1)  Click on "I am a new account or student" and create a password.

2)  Fill in the information requested

First Name | Last Name | email Address | Password
(please list the person that is responsible for the account)

Melissa & Kris | Larson | | Ilovedance

3)  You will need to agree to our Policies and Procedures in order to

4)  Fill in all the green boxes on the account. It is suggested that you
use the student's mother as the main account information (Parent 1),
and list father's information as Parent 2.

5) Once a student is added, you can save and register that student
for classes. Select the classes in which you wish to enroll.

6) Once you have completed your class selections for all dancers,
select the "Submit Registration" button on the bottom.

You will shortly receive an email regarding the approval of your
classes and a statement. It will be sent to the email address that you
provided in your registration. If you want to drop classes (after it has
been approved), please email  If you
want to add classes, you can go into the student tab and add more