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Meggan was recently featured in an article for
Showstopper Magazine Online! She has been
a positive influence and role model for over
5 years at EDP, and we are proud of the
young woman she is, and can't wait to see
where her path at AMDA takes her. Love you
so much, Meggan!
Meggan Vargas
"I went to AMDA's two week summer program to get a feel for the school and
fell in LOVE! The people there had the same love and passion as I did for
dance, and there’s just so much opportunity to grow as a dancer and a person.
I am so excited to be going there for college and can’t wait to meet new people
and learn new ways and styles of dance. Yes, I will miss home and EDP, but
i am so excited to start this big new chapter of my life! Over 5 years ago I
chose to dance at EDP, and I am so thankful for my teachers, and all the love
the studio has  shown and filled me with. EDP has taught me that it’s not about
doing things perfect - it’s that you did it with love,determination, purpose,
confidence; that ugly doesn’t exist because you can find beauty in every
shape and movement, and that it’s about the little things in our lives and
inside us that matter. For all of that I am so grateful!  EDP will forever have
a special place in my heart ♥"