Our Dearest EDP Family,

We are in the midst of unusual and unprecedented times. We’ve entered this crisis together, and we will get through it
together. We love you and your children, and are committed to doing our best for you, no matter what!  Several school
districts in our area have decide to close this coming week, and EDP will temporarily close our brick and mortar doors for an
initial period of 2 weeks, starting tomorrow, Monday, March 16th. W
e are hoping to safely re-open once conditions and our
local government allow!

During this time period, we have plans to continue your dancers education via technology! Our teachers will be doing video
classes and sending out links
, and Zoom classes. We will also send coloring pages to our younger students, and providing
a question and answer option for older students. For our intermediate/advanced students, CLI Studios is providing free
classes from some of the best in the business!
We are also now CLI Studios partners! All EDP students have access to
classes and videos on their website - it is truly a wonderful augment to their training at EDP!
The link is provided below.
Access is included in an email sent out.

Mrs. Kim will be doing a dance story time video, too! We would also love to see our students continued creativity! Send us
videos of what you’re creating at home – we know there are some budding choreographers among you! Or send your
teacher video of you practicing your recital dance, or doing technique, and ask for feedback. Our teachers love their
students, and would love to receive messages or video from you, and help you personally with your dance education.
Personal investment is our goal at EDP, and we won’t let a little distance stop us

Much Love,

Kim and Melissa

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